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Distance Education and Assistive Technology

Distance Education and Disabilities

Distance Education and Policy

Distance Education and Rural

Distance Education and Special Education

Distance Education and Teacher Preparation

Special Education Strategies

Teacher Preparation and Rural

Individual Articles from DE and Teacher Preparation

Newsstyle Articles from DE and Teacher Preparation

Assorted Articles

EBSCO Article Distance Ed for Masters Students with Visual Impairments

Testing More Than ALT Text- Techniques for Testing Usability and Accessibility (PDF File)
Kara Pernice Coyne
Director of Research, Nielsen Norman Group

Distance Education: Removing Barriers to Knowledge (PDF File)
Daniel D Barron

Internet Education: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Web-Based Education (PDF File)
Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Hearing

Educational Technology Review (PDF File)
Accessibility Issue

Impact of Distance Education on Institutional Research (PDF File)
Trudy Bers

NCES Distance Education at Degree Granting Post-Secondary Institutions 2000-1 (PDF File)
USDOE - Institute of Education Sciences

Quality on the Line - Benchmarks for Success in Internet-Based Distance Education (PDF File)
Institute for Higher Education Policy

USDLA Journal (PDF File)
Education at a Distance

The Power of the Internet for Learning (PDF File)
Report of the Web-Based Education Commission to Congress

Links to Web-Based DE Articles

Providing Access to Students with Disabilities in Online Distance Education: Legal, Technical, and Practical Considerations
Curtis D. Edmonds, J.D.
Georgia Institute of Technology

Online Distance Education - "Anytime, Anywhere" But Not For Everyone
Axel Schmetkze, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin

Integrating Assistive Technology into the Standard Curriculum. ERIC/OSEP Digest E568.
Cynthia Warger

10 Technology Funding Sources in NCLB
Charles Blaschke

Testing Time: The Need for a New Focus On Technology and Results
Laurence Peters, Ph.D.,

Accessible Education Through Assistive Technology
Elizabeth A. White, Shelley B. Wepner and Donna C. Wetzel
Widener University

A Tour of the World Wide Web for School Counselors

UNESCO's Mission in the Promotion of International Cooperation

T.H.E. Journal - Editorial

Interesting Distance Education and/or Assistive Technology Related Websites

Edutopia Online

New Jersey Department of Education Educational Technology Page
Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities Grant - Abstracts

University of Colorado at Boulder Assistive Technology and Accessible Media In Higher Education Conference

US Department of Education Distance Education Grants Page

University of Buffalo Center for Assistive Technology

Equal Access to Software Information (EASI) Page
EASI Roundtable Discussion

Illinois State Board of Education Assistive Technology Page

University of Toronto
Special Needs Opportunity Windows (SNOW)

Adaptive Technology Resource Center (ATRC)

Texas Technology Access Project

Georgia Institute of Technology - Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)

Technology Resources for Education (TRE) Center

American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC)

Information Accessibility - Concepts and Legalities (PowerPoint Presentation)

Research Institute for Assistive and Training Technologies (RIATT)

California Community Colleges
Distance Education: Access Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

Guidelines for Producing Instructional and Other Printed Materials in Alternate Media for Persons with Disabilities

The High Tech Centers Training Unit

Johns Hopkins University - Center for Technology in Education

Section 508.gov - Academic Community

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Distance Education Assessment Paper (PDF File)

CHRIE Graduate Conference Paper (PDF File)

International Distance Education Paper (PDF File)

KSU Distance Education Proposal (PDF File)

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