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Kid Talk Chapters

This information is here to provide information on working witht your child. The KidTalk website is set up to guide you through the lessons step by step. By following the links at the bottom of each page, you will see all of the lessons in the recommended order. However, if you wish to learn about a particular topic, please feel free to visit the KidTalk site map to choose a specific page..

Chapter 1. Basic Conversation Skills
Chapter 2. Taking Turns
Chapter 3. Encouraging Conversations
Chapter 4. Talk That Teaches
Chapter 5. Praising Your Child
Chapter 6. Questions That Teach
Chapter 7. Expanding Language
Chapter 8. Prompting Language
Chapter 9. Arranging the Environment
Chapter 10. Managing Behavior
Chapter 11. Ignoring Bad Behavior
Chapter 12. Using Rules
Chapter 13. More Than Praise: Time In - Time Out

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