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Welcome to KidTalk for Parents

*KidTalk is a guide to help parents learn how to combine communication and behavior strategies so their children learn to communicate effectively and avoid acting out.

The strategies are meant to be used with young children with language delays and emerging behavior problems. Parents learn how to:

  • Be responsive to their children's communication
  • Model developmentally appropriate language, and
  • Provide effective rewards for cooperation or consequences for non-cooperation.

Research shows that using these strategies helps to increase the development of a child's language and to decrease non-cooperation.

KidTalk is part of the Milieu Teaching Project of Vanderbilt University. Elizabeth Delaney and Ann Kaiser, the Kid Talk authors, have given permission to share this information. Shirley Leew has adapted it for the Spies for Parents website, with the assistance of Heather Mariger. No official endorsement of Vanderbilt University, Utah State University, or the SPIES Outreach Project should be inferred.

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